Quality Without Compromise


We are committed to helping you ensure every property in your portfolio has optimal function and aesthetics.

You will receive superior structural engineering services by senior engineers.  Every member of the Grgas team holds themselves to the highest ethical standards and strongest integrity.

Your project will be handled with the utmost professionalism.

The scope of work will be absolutely clear at all times.

Every project is managed so that it is accommodating of your tenants’ needs.



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Grgas Associates was founded by Nick A. Grgas.  During his 25 years as a Professional Engineer, Nick has distinguished himself as one of the leading restoration engineers in Ontario. Because Nick started his career in structural design before moving to structural restoration, he understands how structures behave, their strengths and weaknesses and how to repair them. This is a major factor in why Nick often has the ability to find a solution to a building’s problem – even when others can’t. Nick holds himself and his team to the highest ethical standards and is committed to putting clients first. He offers clients options and cost effective solutions to best meet their needs.




The Grgas Client Contract


1.  Your project’s scope of work will be clear at all times.

 Before we begin any project we discuss the desired outcome with you so that our scope of work is tailored exactly to meet your needs.  It is essential to understand exactly what you are hoping to accomplish with every project.  Whether your goal is to restore structural integrity,  to improve the look of the building or to increase the value of the building or portfolio, the scope of work will be tailored to best meet your objectives.

We prepare detailed and customized project specifications, drawings and details to meet the specific requirements of each client for each project.  If you don’t have your own, we offer you a variety of supplementary conditions to CCDC contracts to ensure that they are customized to your specific requirements.

Before any physical construction work begins, we hold pre-construction meetings with you, key tenants and the Contractor to review the scope of work in detail and to ensure that all parties understand the scope and schedule of the work.  During the work we perform periodic reviews of the work to compare it against the project scope and issue regular construction review reports.


2.  Every project is managed so that it accommodates your tenants’ needs and minimizes disruption.

We understand that your tenants are as much of an asset as your structure.

Not all tenant’s needs are the same and not all have the same threshold for noise and vibration at different times of day.  We structure our project’s scope to minimize disruption to your tenants.  Some projects have a mix of tenants, so for those projects we are especially careful at the design/tendering stage to clearly outline what the specific requirements are so that the contractor includes this accommodation in order to minimize complaints from tenants.


Restore function.  Restore beauty.  Restore value.