Know the physical condition of all of the elements of your building.


BCA 3a - TorontoStructural


Building envelope



Fire and life safety

Elevator and escalator systems

At both the purchase stage and throughout ownership, industry-leading owners and managers rely upon our knowledge and highly responsive engineers to manage their buildings with confidence.

Senior Multi-Disciplinary Team

Decades of experience in assessment of structural, building envelope, roofing, pavement, architectural, mechanical, electrical, fire/life safety and vertical transportation systems and components.  The Grgas approach to due diligence uses an experienced eye to ensure that even those defects that have been treated cosmetically are less likely to be overlooked.

Reliable/Timely Assessments

Fast and reliable assessments and insight on building components and systems that could significantly affect asset values.

Quality Report

Work is carried out with a view to determine any deficiencies and anticipated capital repairs required over the next 5 years, including cost estimates of items exceeding your threshold value.  Reports are expertly written and presented, include detailed capital budget tables, clarify complex technical issues in a concise format, and are tailored to meet your desired format and needs.

BCA 2 - Toronto


Restore function.  Restore beauty.  Restore value.