Ensure your building envelope protects your building while adding beauty and value.


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No matter the type, for every building envelope project Grgas helps solve your building’s problems and optimizes its attractiveness.


Flaws in your building envelope can lead to a vast array of building problems, including corroded reinforcing steel, cracked or spalled bricks, leaks through windows, roofs, joints or floor slabs.


Residential buildings may also need balcony slab repair, waterproofing or railing replacement.


Not only do flaws in your building envelope cause leaks, drafts, damage and disruption, a deteriorated building envelope can greatly decrease the aesthetic appeal of a building.



Balcony Repairs

BE - Balcony Before Shrunk


Multi family residential buildings are subject to water damage over time.

Water damage can leave them with a deteriorated exterior that not only detracts from the building’s appeal to tenants, but also may be dangerous.

Water damage and dated masonry also detract from the building’s appeal.





 Balcony repairs and a new facade coating give buildings a whole new appeal.

BE Portfolio 2 before 1Balcony Repair


Cladding Repairs

Cladding repair

Building envelope problems disrupt tenants.

Commercial office building can experience leaks which damage interior finishes, causing mould growth and disrupting tenants, in some cases requiring tenant relocation.


Leaks are often a result of defects from the original that contribute to failed caulking, failed window glazing, and other envelope problems.

In other cases, the outside of the building may be in good condition, but the interior air vapour barrier or insulation is compromised.






Masonry Repair

damaged Brick Shrunk

Stone and brick damage can be symptoms, not the cause, of a problem


If your building has a recurring problem with brick deterioration, it may be due to an underlying problem unrelated to the masonry, such as .a tear in the roof membrane allowing water to get into the exterior wall, causing brick to crack due to freeze-thaw action.

Our investigation will uncover the root cause of the deterioration and provide you with an effective repair strategy.


Metal and Glass Curtain Wall Repair and Replacement

BE - Curtain wall 1 shrunk

BE - Curtain wall replacement


Window Replacement

BE - Window Replacement (school) shrunk


Older structures can benefit from new technology.

Older structures such as this school can experience cold drafts due to poorly sealed, poorly insulated single pane windows.


Window replacement with an insulated new window system, shades and safety glass can transform discomfort into comfort, as well as improving the aesthetic of the structure.


The outcome is an older structure without older structure problems.


Building Envelope Restoration Services

  • Condition Survey Reports and Repair Cost Estimates
  • Plans, Specifications and Building Permit Procurement
  • Tendering to Prequalified Contractors
  • Construction Review and Contract Administration
  • Warranty Inspections

Restore function.  Restore beauty.  Restore value.