This low-rise timber-framed office building had converted the rear of the building from a multi-tenant layout to a single tenant layout, which included closing off the corridor that led from the front of the building to the rear fire escape. The Fire Department noticed the fault and wrote up an order to comply because the tenants on that floor did not have 2 means of egress as required by the Building Code.

To make the building compliant required alterations to washrooms to create corridor extensions.  Existing washroom windows were converted into exit doors. Several windows adjacent to the new exit stairs that were not fire rated were also replaced.

Grgas performed the fire code review, prepared recommendations to make the building compliant, designed the alterations, prepared all required specifications for the work, tendered the work to qualified contractors and reviewed construction of the new exterior stairs.

  • Project Type: Structural Restoration
  • Building Type: Commercial Low Rise
  • Location: Toronto
  • Year: 2002