Comprehensive project management services for your property


PM 2 After 1Major renovations and alterations

New construction

Landlord improvements and tenant fit-ups

Review, approval and monitoring of tenant work

Fire and life safety retrofits

Lighting and energy retrofits

Warranty inspections

Preventative Maintenance Programs

Emergency back-up generators



As your project manager we will help you accomplish the stated project objectives from initial design development through construction and into post-construction. We will ensure that the project is delivered within the stipulated scope, time and cost.

Superior Project Management for Every Phase of Your Project


PM 1 before


 Design Development

  • Define project requirements
  • Identify the basic responsibilities of the Owner, Architect/Designer (the “Consultant”) and Project Manager
  • Establish and review the scope, cost and schedule of the project
  • Obtain proposals and review scope of work of the Consultant and their sub-consultants and recommend to the Owner for approvals
  • Review drawings prepared by the Consultant and the other professionals
  • Review of bids received along with the Consultants
  • Meetings with bidders and client to discuss submissions
  • Recommendation of award of contract

PM 1 during 5



  •  Prepare plan to keep project on schedule and minimize loss of time
  • Budgeting and estimating
  • Maintain record of contract value, invoiced amounts, cash flow forecasting, estimating final contract amount at regular intervals
  • Review of samples and shop drawings
  • Review and coordinate the work of the Prime Consultant who will remain responsible for reviewing and coordinating all their sub-consultants and physical construction work
  • Regular reporting
  • Approvals of progress claims, review of proposed changes with client
  • Review of site reports prepared by other consultants
  • Regularly updating cash-flow forecasts


PM 1 after (3)


Post Construction

  • Field Review
  • Deficiency Assessment
  • Review of Warranties
  • Total Performance Inspection and Certification
  • Client Consultation
  • Start-up Assistance
  • Warranty Inspection












Restore function.  Restore beauty.  Restore value.