Comprehensive roofing system condition assessments and repairs

ROOF 3 - During 2


All types of structures and roofing systems

Built-up roofing

Metal and copper

Modified bitumen






Roofing Condition Assessment

  • ROOF 1 - After 2Review any available original structural drawings, architectural drawings, engineering reports, or warranty letters which are provided by the Owner.
  • Visual inspection of subject elements.
  • Thermographic scanning is recommended in some instances to determine areas of wet insulation on a large scale or locate areas of wet insulation beneath the membrane.
  • Moisture probe verification is performed at suspect areas and the small penetrations are patched
  • Items of concern are photographed
  • Items representing immediate safety concerns are brought to your attention as soon as possible prior to submission of our report.

Reports outline the conditions of the roofing elements with budget estimates for immediate repairs, maintenance requirements and capital improvements over a 10 year period.

Not all projects result in complete roof replacements. In some cases leak detection allows problem solving on a smaller scale. Various techniques are employed including flood testing, visual inspection, thermography, localized destructive testing and dyes.  Grgas also provides annual inspection services for Owners who want to stay on top of small problems before they become bigger problems.


Roof Repairs

Roof 2 - during 1Once a repair strategy is selected, the Owner is provided with a detailed set of drawings and specifications which are distributed to experienced contractors for pricing purposes.

After the work is awarded, Grgas prepares the construction contract, performs almost daily site review visits during the course of the work and provide full contract administration services.



Restore function.  Restore beauty.  Restore value.