At this retail location, the surface pavements were severely deteriorated.  Half of the plaza was vacant and the grocery store tenant was about to undergo a rebranding.  The Owner wanted to refresh the look of the site to coincide with the tenant’s rebranding but also to attract new tenants to the vacant space.

The condition assessment included geotechnical boreholes and soils analysis, and determined that part of the cause of the extensive cracking was due to an improperly graded granular base which did not provide adequate support for the pavement structure.

The Owner was given several repair management strategies and the ultimately decided to replace all of the pavement and to strengthen the granular base.  Repairs included complete removal of the existing pavement, partial replacement of the granular base reinforced with geogrid mesh, replacement of the catch basin grates and installation of new pavement complete with line striping and precast curb stones.

  • Project Type: Surface Parking Lot
  • Property Type: Retail
  • Location: London ON
  • Year: 2012